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Full Version: Nixon was impeached for deleting 18 min. of tape. Hillary deletes over 30,000 emails
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Life is better now for those who break the law with the most money - Hillary Wins No Matter!


The Countless Crimes of Hillary Clinton
We’ve already seen her placating laugh at the Latino crowd, pretending like she understands Spanish. Now Hillary’s Cinco de Mayo rally went horribly wrong yesterday due to all the Hispanic protesters who wouldn’t stand for her “Hispandering”.

Does Hillary really care?

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21 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Sucks!
(TRUNEWS) Sources close to the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal say she may face indictment through the federal Espionage Act.

DC Whispers ,the Washington watchdog blog which reported this latest update, said the threat of the FBI indicting Clinton through the Federal Espionage Act was great enough that it recently prompted President Obama to ward off and downplay her crimes in an April 10th interview with Fox News Sunday.

During his first appearance on Fox News Sunday since being elected, President Obama told interviewer Chris Wallace that Hillary Clinton was an ‘outstanding Secretary of State’ and that he continues to believe that “she has not jeopardized America’s national security.” Obama did however concede that he believes Clinton was “carelessness” in the way she managed her emails, but quickly added that she had already “owned and recognized” this and that it “did not detract from her excellent ability to carry out her duties.”

In the end of his first interview on the Fox News Channel since 2014, Obama repeatedly made the definitive statement that he “guarantees, period”, that investigations from the Department of Justice and the FBI would not be political influenced; and that Hillary Clinton would not receive any preferential treatment.

“Nobody gets treated differently when it comes to the Justice Department, because no-one is above the law,” Obama said.

Ironically, President Obama has used the 1917 Espionage Act — which may be leveraged against Clinton — more than all previous presidents combined, and specifically against government whistleblowers.

This was succinctly summarized by CNN’s Jake Tapper in a January 2014 exchange with Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post when he said “The Obama administration has used the Espionage Act to go after whistleblowers who leaked to journalists … more than all previous administrations combined.”
Some people think they can lie and get away with it,” said former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with feigned outrage. And, of course, he has never been held accountable for his lies, proving his dictum true.

The question today is: Will former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Teflon coat be as impermeable to deep scratches as Rumsfeld’s has proven to be?

With the “mainstream media” by and large giving Hillary Clinton a pass on her past, few Americans realize how many Pinocchio faces need to be tacked onto many of her statements. Clinton is said to be “unquestionably” the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, essentially the presumptive nominee. That is unquestionably true – but only because she has not been questioned with much rigor at all. And on those few occasions when she has been asked hard questions, she has often ducked them.

For example, at the March 9 debate in Miami, Jorge Ramos, the longtime anchor for Noticiero Univision, asked Secretary Clinton whether she would quit the presidential race if she were indicted for putting classified information on her private email server.

She replied:
In his first American television interview, the notorious hacker known as “Guccifer” makes alarming new charges from a Romanian prison.
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