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Full Version: Large Object Has Entered Our Solar System ?! PLANET 7X ?
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We report the discovery of previously unknown continuum sources, or a single fast moving new source, in our ALMA observations.
My understanding is that this object is not new, nor is it moving towards Earth. Still cool though.

[Image: Fly_By_Time_Line.jpg]

[Image: zYItNRB.jpg]
HG SpaceTime

I see nothing inbound in night sky, does anybody see anything ?

Looking good to me.......repeated visual observation of constellation of Orion along with night sky in general from northern hemisphere of Earth I see no inbound objects. If their was inbound brown dwarf with planets in tow make perihelion Sun 2016 Earth fly by I would be able to see it right now as small points of lights in night sky growing in size with each passing night, I see absolutely nothing, I'm now fairly confident Space doom in 2016 is a no show, don't know about you folks here but I'm very happy about that. Will post formal "I was wrong about 2016 Space doom" in a few weeks.
Everyone is looking down, when its that which you see looking up that will coming to your town. Are your ready for the "TRUTH???" Trump transparency shining through!!!
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