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Full Version: OBAMA ANNOUNCES 2030 AGENDA - Agenda 21 Turns Into 2030 Agenda. UN New Global Goals
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With Q3 of the 2015 fiscal year just around the corner, one cannot help but notice unprecedented unease in both financial and social spheres, and perhaps with good reason; with alternative media forecasters, national banks, and supranational institutions alike heralding the coming of “global depression” by the end of 2016, this consensus of seemingly strange bedfellows almost universally agree that something wicked this way comes.

These dire economic prognostications exist simultaneously in a world in which energy and development prospects, both nationally and transnationally, are being reworked – with equally profound implications as the aforementioned financial trend analysis. Be it the Obama Administration’s “Clean Power Plan” or the EU and China’splanned Neomalthusian 2030 carbon emission cutbacks, national entities the world over are positioning themselves for profound shifts in energy, development, trade, and even currency ahead of COP21 in Paris this December, or as some have deemed it, “Agenda 2030.”

The convergence of both engineered economic crisis and an engineered “sustainable development” crisis in late-2015 are hardly coincidental, nor are they insignificant. While the alternative finance community seems destined to eternally squabble about the mechanics of a coming global depression, few have set themselves to the task of projecting what the character of such a post-depression society will look like – and the “New World Economic Order” it has the potential to initiate.

It is this author’s contention that the character of this coming era can only be understood when financial calamity is viewed in tandem with Agenda 21’s faux-ecological insidiousness; and you, Reader, deserve the knowledge and documentation of this sagacious plot. It’s pervasive, it’s global, and has existed (in its modern form) since at least the 1970s.
The international community is counting down to a historic moment on 25 September.

Over 150 world leaders will gather for the UN Summit on Sustainable Development at UN Headquarters in New York to commit to 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) that aim to end poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change in the next 15 years.

Leading up to this major event, the efforts of UN DESA have played a key role.

The Man of God is exposing the evil and those possessed by demons can't hold back the truth. They are telling every secret about church and state. Satan is losing soldiers at a fast pace and what they are telling the people is hurting the cult. 2030 Agenda exposed showing what to expect from government, church, and Hollywood in order for Satan to rule.
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