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Full Version: Oregon shooting, another possibility as to why?
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Here's a different look at the timing of the latest mass shooting that happened in Oregon:
Part of the plan for gun control - did he say in a round about way, how many more will they have to do to get guns?

How many times will Americans hear the same speech - different victims before guns can be collected?

President Obama Delivers a Statement on the Shooting in South Carolina

President Obama BBC interview about guns. Before Lafayette Louisiana movie theatre shooting

Obama: Tenn. Shooting 'Heartbreaking'

Obama over Reynolds Shooting: There is no developed country on earth that would put up with this

President Obama Makes a Statement on the Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut

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Obama on Giffords Shooting: An "Unspeakable Act"


Obama Attended UN ARMS TRADE TREATY Conference 2 DAYS BEFORE Virginia Shooting Hoax! (Redsilver)

"Obama's Coming For Your Guns, Fake Virginia Shooting"

Oregon Shooting Hoax: Blatant Gun Control Agenda For UN NWO (Redsilverj)
Same crappy Anonymous actress. Another ridiculous story.

And Obama wants to know how many more times will he have to keep doing the same old song and dance. Gonna have to get new actors - old ones exposed.

Actors for guns campaign rolls on?

Amazing bombshell!! Reused Crisis Actor from Sandy Hook to Boston

Recycled Set for Remebering Crisis Actors

Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors Reunion Major NWO Propaganda (Redsilverj)

Virginia Shooting Hoax: Old Crisis Actors Return To Push Gun Control (Redsilverj)

US Criminal Government: DHS/ FBI Oregon Umpquo Shooting FRAUD; (for Nov-Dec...see DHS Schedule))

Oregon governor holds news conference on mass shooting - Truth?
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