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Full Version: INDIA vs COMEX: Physical Silver Demand Will Destroy Paper Rigged Market-Srsrocco
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If there’s one chart silver investors need to see, it’s the INDIA vs COMEX chart. This chart puts into perspective just how little Registered silver remains at the Comex warehouses. In addition, Comex Registered silver inventories continue to fall as two large transfers were reported over the past two days.

As reported by many precious metal websites, India continues to import record amounts of silver. According to Koos Jansen’s article at, India Precious Metals Import Explosive – August Gold 126t, Silver 1,400t:

When the Indian government raised the import duty on gold in 2013, it simultaneously raised the import duty on silver to 10 %. However, the premium on silver didn’t reach 25 % like gold. Many people switched to purchase silver instead of gold. Import since 2013 has increased dramatically.

Last May India imported a record 1,542 tonnes of silver, in August an estimated 1,400 tonnes was shipped in, which would be the second highest number on record – my record goes back to 2008.

Koos states initial trade data shows that India has imported 1,400 metric tons (mt) of silver in August. While this is lower than May’s 1,542 mt, it is the second highest on record. Now, what Koos didn’t mention is that analysts forecasted Indian silver imports would decline in 2015 due to easing of some gold restrictions. This was reported in the May ETF Securities Precious Metal Monthly Report:

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