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Full Version: ‘Martial law’ invoked as Congress scurries to avoid another government shutdown
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A temporary government spending bill is expected to clear the House and Senate just before a midnight deadline on Wednesday, averting a government shutdown and providing funding until December 11. As a precaution, House lawmakers have invoked “martial law.”

The use of martial law fast-tracks a spending bill by bypassing typical procedures. One of those procedures is that the House of Representatives has to wait a day after the Rules Committee produces rules for a floor debate before a vote on the bill can occur, according to the Hill. By invoking martial law, House lawmakers can vote on the short-term government spending measure on the same day.
What concerns me is where is Alex Jones and his fat yap? What about Drudge? Our mainstream media is letting this be quiet. The public is totally unaware we are technical locked down for real! Over a spending bill?! They've never had to invoke martial law for that. This could be real deal time.
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