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Full Version: Pope’s September Agenda Busted Wide Open at Welcoming Ceremony! 9-23-2015
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Pope’s September Agenda Busted Wide Open at Welcoming Ceremony! What He Has to Say to Congress Will Peak Your Interest [VIDEO]

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Thursday, 24-Sep-2015 01:34:23

Pope’s September Agenda Busted Wide Open at Welcoming Ceremony! What He Has to Say to Congress Will Peak Your Interest
By Lisa Haven
Before It's News
Sep 23, 2015

On the day of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Holiday known as the Day of Atonement and the most holiest day of the year in Judaism, President Obama and Pope Francis met early this morning and behind closed doors, to discuss the goals and agenda they have planned for the future of humanity.

Not only was this secretive meeting held, but Pope Francis was paraded through the streets of DC as onlookers clapped and shouted for joy at his mere presence. It is during this time that Pope Francis was given the opportunity to address the America people with his staggering “agenda-oriented” speech.

Within twenty-four hours he will proceed to address a Joint Session of Congress—making him the first Pope in history to do so. There he will deliver more of his devious “global-oriented agenda.”

In the video below I delve through the Popes speech as well as discuss some of the possible topics that he will be addressing during the Joint Session of Congress that will take place Thursday, September 24th. You will literally be floored by the real reason the Pope is here and how our future is at stake…

Popes September Agenda Busted Wide Open at Welcoming Ceremony & What He May Say To Congress
Lisa Haven
Sep 23, 2015

Interesting comments below this video

Vinnie Paz 8 hours ago
Pope Concerned about climate change! Yet this turd turns up in a 50 strong convoy of trucks!

streetstylz 12 hours ago (edited)
Susan Sarandon Concerned for Pope's Safety While in the U.S. 'I Think They're Going to Assassinate Him'

Mule Skinner 9 hours ago
+streetstylz Puppets do not have views do they ? .

colliecandle 4 hours ago
+streetstylz I for one would shed no tears if that bastard poop was shot through his vile satanic head - the piece of ***** imposter in chief needs to join him on the morgue table as well !

7seven7 11 hours ago
How is Obuma going to explain this to his Muslim brothers

colliecandle 4 hours ago
+7seven7 It won't apply to the scumbag in chief's butt buddies ! There will be some clause or other that will ensure muslimes are not tied to the same rules as these satanists intend to impose on the rest of us. Don't forget, it was these jesuit filth which invented islime in the first place - unless you want to believe some pedophile, ignorant illiterate moron called mo ham head wrote ( ! ) the ' keran ' ( misspelled deliberately ) although, how an illiterate moron was supposed to have written ANYTHING remains beyond comprehension.

Ted Vergith 11 hours ago
nuthin about planned parenthood - beheadings or endless war. Sum ting wong.

DAVPK1 6 hours ago
Until we hear one of these climate clowns utter the word Fukushima and dying Pacific Ocean , we have no obligation to listen to anything they have to say . Why didn't he berate BP Oil for destroying The Gulf o Mexico ? Why didn't he say that there is a rig STILL leaking large amounts of oil in The Gulf ? WHY ? because they are liars and phonies who only want to control us and steal our hard earned money . POPE SHMOPE WHO CARES WHAT HE SAYS !!!!! PK

Nathan Price 2 hours ago
why didn't he talk about Jesus though!!! that's what I really want to know.

Seek truth 11 hours ago (edited)
I feel so bad for anyone that cannot see the EVIL pouring out of those two!!!!
They both have that sinister grin when they smile!

Jeff Trujillo 10 hours ago
the demons are going to call for a New world order

john edwards 12 hours ago
Sounds like he wants to kill off the protestants to me. Catholics are known for wanting to keep their practitioners dumb. He's even talked about having personal relationships with Jesus Christ as dangerous. The Catholics killed many protestants for translating God's word so the unwashed masses could see for themselves the word. Burned at the stake protestants!

Lana Givant 8 hours ago
Of course the pope and obama are not mentioning the real reason for "climate change," which is weather warfare, geoengineering the weather with the application of metals into the atmosphere and the use of HAARP. to keep the natural weather at bay i.e. the rain for the west coast of the USA. I am a Christian. I love Jesus. I see the Pope as being the leader of the NWO religion and a very evil man. :(

james blaine 9 hours ago
This Pope is a messenger of Satan. As we know, Obama wants to destroy America as we know it. Neither will be in Heaven with us.

91exile 2 hours ago
+james blaine he has not done a good job at destroying it

Lenny Trepanier 12 hours ago
lisa we have to shut down coal plants an decrease pollution an emissions but china an india can do whatever makes no sense to me now energy will cost more good luck stopping us from burning wood in wi ,mich, minn. it gets cold up here,

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