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Full Version: Same refugees in different countries - crisis actors?
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How do you move armies around the world? Take off the uniform and anyone can be a refugee. - Hundreds Of Refugees Arrive In Greece By Ferry - Refugee advertising top of the line baby carrier and everyone is clean - mostly men like they just checked out of the hotel - what's up with that?

Buses to pick up refugees and drop them in different locations? No stress on anyone because they know where they are going?

Bus driver dropping off actors with food and water in the middle of nowhere.

Refugee crisis: the end of innocence in Hungary - Boy in plaid shirt in front of the camera - actor?

Same boy carrying baby different scene - same actors?

The David Icke Videocast: The Migrant Crisis - All Planned A Long Time Ago
Sept. 16 -- Panmure Gordon Chief Economist Simon French and Bloomberg's Ryan Chilcote discuss the European refugee crisis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel defending her decision to let tens of thousands of refugees into the country as she stepped up efforts to get those who don't qualify for safe have to leave. They speak to Bloomberg's Anna Edwards and Guy Johnson on "Countdown."

Refugees distraction from E.U. Leaders refuse to resolve Greece's debt crisis, While Iceland jails corrupt Banksters! Greece debt crisis: Greek future in the euro slips into deeper uncertainty as Alexis Tsipras arrives at emergency talks without written plan
Greece’s prospects of staying in the eurozone have dwindled further after the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras arrived at an emergency summit of his fellow eurozone leaders in Brussels without a concrete plan to resolve his country’s debt crisis.

On this Wednesday, September 9 edition of the Alex Jones Show we break down the continued surge of immigrants into Europe and the call by presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for America to accept refugees on a humanitarian basis. We also look at the possibility ISIS is exploiting the crisis to infiltrate terrorists into Europe as aGerman school warns parents short skirts may provoke Muslims. We also look at Trump’s declaration that all lives matter and his assertion that Black Lives Matter activists are unfit for office. On today’s show we talk with Carl Pittman. Mr. Pittman is running for Sheriff in Harris County, Texas.
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