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Full Version: Pope Francis' EXTRATERRESTRIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 70th Jubilee: COMING SEPT. 2015 ?!
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As a traditional Catholic, I believe it is a matter time when this will be proclaimed... however I will not be participating in the one world one religion blend of all religions into one with some Alien ... even if the Pope says its so.... sorry not this old bald guy....
Enoch's 70th Generation (4900 years): With a major scientific body estimating that a comet struck the Indian Ocean causing a mega-tsunami around 2900 B.C., it seems Enoch's 70th Generation could come at any time. Video shows you why that Generation is close at hand and what part CERN has in birthing the New Race.

Don't Believe in Nephilim? You Will After This: Photos, Top-Secret FBI Docs & More

Huge Human Skeleton Found at Ancient Bulgarian Fortress - While it’s questionable to use the word “giant” until its actual height is verified, archeologists in Bulgaria are making no bones about saying that a 4th century skeleton found during an excavation in downtown Varna is “huge.”

The current Black Sea city of Varna was once the ancient Greek and Roman city of Odessos, which dates back to the 7th century BCE. The so-called Varna culture predates the city, with a necropolis found in 1972 containing graves, pottery and jewelry from around 4100 BCE. Odessos later became a Roman city and contains the fourth-largest known Roman baths in Europe.

The archeologists were digging near St. Nikolay Church, near where a 5th century earthen jar was found in January 2015. They had recently uncovered a previously unknown part of the Odessos fortress wall and that’s where they found the huge skeleton, according to Valeri Yotov, a member of the excavation team.

As we started to uncover the ancient fortress wall, we started asking ourselves a lot of questions, and, of course, we had to keep digging to reach the wall’s foundations. That’s how we stumbled upon the skeleton.

Yotov described the size of the skeleton as “impressive” and believed this was “a very tall man.”

Why was this huge man buried at the fortress wall? Yotov speculates that he may have been working on the construction of the wall – a good job for someone who apparently didn’t need a ladder or a lever – and was possibly injured or killed in a work accident or during a ceremony. Because he was found with his hands laid on his waist and head pointing east, it is believed the large worker was buried purposefully rather than just dumped in a construction pit and covered with dirt.

A huge man is found buried alone in a ceremonial manner at the wall of a 4th century fortress. Were the people of Odessa thanking him for his work? Were they hoping he would protect the city from beyond? Or was this odd giant of a man something more? We may learn the answer as the excavation continues.

Apparently, halfway through the Second World War, the Nazis had a secret project of building shelters for top leaders in the event of defeat inaccessible sites, in the middle of deserts, in the mountains, on a cliff or in the middle of the jungle like this,' said archaeologist Mr Schavelzon. The researchers believe, however, that, the Nazis never ended up using the hideout.
By the time they landed, with Europe in ruins, they had smuggled out enough gold and money to live comfortable lives under the radar in cities or on ranches out on the sprawling pampas.

Locals believe that a house in the forest belonged to Hitler's right-hand man Martin Bormann, but Daniel Schavelzon, from the University of Buenos Aires, dismissed this as 'an urban myth'

Locals believe that a house in the forest belonged to Hitler's right-hand man Martin Bormann, but Daniel Schavelzon, from the University of Buenos Aires, dismissed this as 'an urban myth'. German coins from the years 1938 to 1941 and Meissen porcelain are being sent back to Buenos Aires for further examination. 'There seems to be no other explanation, other than that these structures were meant to serve as a hide out for Nazis, because it would have been expensive to build them in such an inaccessible place,' said Schavelzon.

Eichmann, who was responsible for getting millions of Jewish victims on board trains to take them to extermination camps in Nazi occupied Poland, was found living in a Buenos Aires suburb and kidnapped by Israeli Mossad commandos in 1961.

Put on trial in Israel for war crimes, he was hanged in May the following year. In 2012 secret files revealed that 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after the Second World War, it has been revealed for the first time. After receiving tip-offs, German prosecutors were granted access to secret files in Brazil and Chile that confirmed the true number of Third Reich immigrants.

According to the documents, an estimated 9,000 war criminals escaped to South America, including Croatians, Ukrainians, Russians and other western Europeans who aided the Nazi murder machine. Most, perhaps as many as 5,000, went to Argentina; between 1,500 and 2,000 are thought to have made it to Brazil; around 500 to 1,000 to Chile; and the rest to Paraguay and Uruguay.

These numbers do not include several hundred more who fled to the safety of right-wing regimes in the Middle East.
2014 - Pope Francis confirms appearance at Philadelphia rally in September 2015 - Planned event - what else will Americans hear?

A Great Deception is coming - September 23-28, 2015

Pope Francis And The Jesuit Order
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