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Full Version: Clintons' Charities Got £50million Of British Aid Cash: UK Gov. Accused Of Influence
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July 25, 2015

Tens of millions of pounds of UK aid money has been siphoned through charities linked to Hillary Clinton, it emerged last night.

British politicians – including Gordon Brown – stand accused of diverting huge amounts of cash through the organisations after falling under the spell of the US presidential candidate and her husband Bill.

At least £50 million of taxpayer-funded foreign aid money has gone to Clinton charities, which are at the centre of allegations in the US that foreign governments used donations to buy influence.

The UK is one of the biggest donors, handing over more than £20 million last year alone to the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), an organisation chaired by former President Bill, 68, and whose board includes the couple's daughter Chelsea, 35. Since 2011, a total of £48.9 million has gone into the coffers of this charity alone.

Tory backbenchers say the revelation is symptomatic of the fact that the Department for International Development has so much money to spend that large amounts have to be simply handed to global charities, often leading to huge amounts of waste.

The Clinton charities are involved in running projects receiving some £107 million from DfID since 2009 – although not all of this money went to their organisations.

But critics are concerned that waste at CHAI is so high that British taxpayers may end up...

British aid for governments keeping Americans and the rest of the world in line and living under the standard of the new world order that wages war for more ownership and land?

Americans, Mexicans, Canadians, Chinese, Jews, Koreans, Japanese, Africans, Middle Easterners are getting the history wake-up call about their nations. They are being goverened the same way the Jamacians have been forever...owned and operated under the British flag that doesn't fly in may places even though it has totally control of the government.

The Truth About Jamaica and Jamaicans and the Rest of the World...Clueless beyond imagination about who is really in control running their government.

Jamician educated in the U.S. gives the world and historians a wake up call...

Waiting for truth and history to make a difference.

Waiting for the world to change...for the better!

No Justice...No Peace...

Friendship/Love/Trust/Respect/Unity for all living things...


Eustace Mullins - Clinton's Place in the New World Order

Global Sciences Congress, Denver, August 1993.

"Dean Stonier" "Waco Texas" "Proudhon" "All government is a crime" "Medical monopoly" "Money monopoly" "Babylonian debt system" " "The World Order" "The Shadow Government"

"The Hologram Government" "The function of government is to protect the gene pool" "The Rape of Justice" "Rothschilds "Thomas Jefferson on central banks" Rockefellers" "Clinton administration is dedicated to Health care" "The established medical system is one huge burglary ring"

"The AMA" "The Drug Trust" "Medical Monopoly" FDA "Food and Drug Administration" "The FDA does no testing; the FDA simply accepts the results that are sent in by the Drug Trust Companies, toxic side effects omitted" "Toxic Side effects" "John D. Rockefeller switched us over from homeopathy and naturopathy to the allopathic system, which depends heavily on the use of drugs, on radical surgery and extended hospital stays" "American Cancer Society was also set up in 1913, by John D. Rockefeller junior" "William Rockefeller's miraculous cures for cancer" "Carnival sideshow"

"The United States Government has never owned one share of Federal Reserve bank stock" "Federal Reserve stock can never be sold or exchanged" "Rockefeller Foundation" "Magical Money Machine"

Obamacare "Magical Healthcare plan from the twin serpents of Clinton's administration"

From Hill-ary To Mountain-ary - How UBS Sent Millions To The Clintons After Saving The Bank In 2009
The best part about Hillary Clinton’s run for the Presidency, is the endless series of scandals and shadiness that inevitably comes along with being part of an entrenched status quo family that prioritizes the accumulation of wealth and power above all else. The reason Barack Obama was able to generate so much genuine “hope” prior to his election is 2008, is because he was a complete unknown. He could say all the right things, and it was easy for people to believe the hype.

The exact oppositie is true of Hillary. No one believes anything that comes out of her mouth. Everyone knows she is dishonest, shady, and as Camille Paglia perfectly summarized in her Salon article today:
The classified emails stored on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server contained information from five U.S. intelligence agencies and included material related to the fatal 2012 Benghazi attacks, McClatchy has learned.

Of the five classified emails, the one known to be connected to Benghazi was among 296 emails made public in May by the State Department. Intelligence community officials have determined it was improperly released.

Hillary Clinton The Agent Of Rothschild

Hitler British Agent - Queen Elizabeth - Prince Philip - Rothschild - Clinton - Illuminati
Dunne told reporters during his first visit to the US since the general election there was a trade imbalance between the two nations. He claimed he raised the issue with the US Defense Undersecretary during his trip. “Trade often seems to go largely in one direction. Put simply, we buy rather more from you than you buy from us.”

The minister said he told his US counterpart more could be done to leverage the two countries’ closely-linked defense industries. The US authorized more than $4.5 billion (£2.8 billion) in sales of military equipment and services to the UK last year, according to a State Department report.

By contrast, Britain authorized export licenses to the US of arms worth £2.5 billion ($3.9 billion) over a five-year period from 2010 to 2015, according to Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT).

Moving money by way of weapons sales? Why would the U.S. buy from Britain when they are the largest manufacturer of weapons in the world? - US and Russia Remain World's Biggest Arm Exporters
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