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Full Version: SEPT. 24th 2015 - BIGGEST EVENT IN HISTORY? ASTEROID!? Minister 500 Day Warning!
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Lindsey Williams, the chaplain on the Alaska pipeline of the 70’s made friends with many of the ruling elite. He was told that the elite consider themselves to be gentlemen, and think not informing the general public of their plans is unsportsmanlike – that they need to tell the people so they use news and movies to put forth their fair warning. Are we expecting the world elite to come out on worldwide television and say, “There’s a meteor coming”? No. Instead they’re going to do it very subtly. This makes them feel empowered to see their victims totally helpless and unable to prevent their own demise after given fair warning. So, have the elite given us fair warning that there’s a meteor coming? Have they?

On May 13, 2014, the French foreign minister publicly said THREE TIMES, “We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.” In his first announcement, he said, “The planet also means very concretely OUR VERY SURVIVAL. We are, all of you know it, on the edge of a climatic ABYSS. In face, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.” This was the public announcement to the world of what is coming on September 24, 2015, the end of the 500 day count, when the Abyss will open and the days of darkness will begin...
I'd be interest in knowing what HG Spacetime has to say about this video and the new Disney movie and the September 2015 timeframe.
Quote:September 24, 2015 Asteroid Prediction NOT Made By Pastor Lindsey Williams
by James Harkin on Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

A few days ago Pastor Lindsey Williams was made aware of a video circulating the Internet that stated that Pastor Williams had made a prediction that an asteroid would hit the earth on September 24, 2015. This prediction was not made by Pastor Williams. He has told me this:

“I did NOT write this – I did NOT produce this video or make this prediction. It is being attributed to me but I had nothing to do with it.”

I have contacted the video producer, YouTube and Vimeo to have Pastor Williams’ name removed from the video. As far as I am aware this has been carried out. There are still many articles circulating the Internet that have not removed Pastor Williams’ information even know I have personally contacted them to advise them.

I am at a loss to understand why these websites have not contacted to ask if the story was correct before repeating it.

Therefore, please disregard any predictions presumably made by Pastor Williams unless they are made through his official channels, namely and


James Harkin
On behalf of
(05-12-2015 09:25 AM)a07216 Wrote: [ -> ]I'd be interest in knowing what HG Spacetime has to say about this video and the new Disney movie and the September 2015 timeframe.

September 2015 is a non-event, however event is coming on April 9, 2016 "Red Kachina removes its mask to dance in the plaza" Suns binary sister star becomes visible as it passes by Earth as shown in ET Barbury crop formation graphic. ET show binary star comes within 2,414 Km as it pass by Earth. ET show binary star six times size of Earth, confirms Dr Harrington perturbation calculations correct.
ET show this binary star fly by as Ed Dame Kill shot +200 degF in June as marked by ET craft, followed by massive repetitive 8 month long Web Bot "Global Coastal Event" as shown in crop formation graphical orbital girth line width, gravitational pull slowly hits Earth in mid May 2016 causing 5 degrees small 700 mile wobble making 30 ft. tidal waves that will begin destroy coastal areas up to one kilometer inland all beach front areas will be flatten washed out to sea, by first week August 2016 girth line width 15 degrees 1000 mile wobble 150 to 300 ft. tidal waves reach up to 70 miles inland. In October 2016 Earth wobble is max peak value of 35 degree 5000 ft. tidal waves reach 500 to 1000 miles or more inland. Earth wobble slowly subsides as shown with narrowed orbital girth line width and completely disappear by Jan 2017. Large shifting water volume will push Earth crustal plates causing massive Earth changes simultaneously trigger series huge Earthquakes with each wobble transition.

ET show an intersect point on Earth orbital plane in August 2016 which corresponds fly-by zero crossing point between Earth and binary star take your pick here I hope ET is saying Earth molten inner core rolls over for a pole flip and not entire Earth. Look and measure for yourself, I see no place in graphic where orbital girth lines are wide enough indicate a complete roll over of Earth. 5% bowed intersect line into Earth orbital plane indicates Earth is pulled outward in it's orbital path by 5% say good bye to 365 day year hello to the new 383 day year.

Note: This failed star is hot it put's out heat at closest point to Earth in mid May intentionally marked with great importance by ET craft in this graphic, Earth is expose to infrared radiant heat expect some locations on Earth to reach surface temperatures of 200 deg. F for a short duration of 48 hours or less root cellar can easily handle that.

ET can be seen in above video between 00:10 - 00:15 as circular whitish swirl contrast with a clear dot in the center at about 10 o'clock position of crop circle, appears this ET thinks its crop circle is important. This natural disaster hinted to by Janet Napolitano is beyond most peoples normalcy bias likely 80% world population will be destoryed over 8 month period.

Graphical Earth orbital fly-by time line courtesy of benevolent ET

[Image: aa6822c2ba430197bc6172cbedffc7eb_1024.jpg]
Asteroid or something created for a new world order?
Absolutely nothing has happened... Jade Helm no , Sept 13th no, Sept 23 no, Sept 24 no, CERN no, Pope's visit no, Asteroid no, no rapture.... silver isn't $1000 /oz . just Fearporn buzz.....blah blah blah..... going to have to come up with some new dates and new videos
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