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Full Version: Voter Fraud? - Riots Erupt in London Over Re-Election of David Cameron
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Illuminati governments doing whatever it takes to stay in control - otherwise truth puts most in jail. Only way to be free is to own the system - U.K. citizens lose out on a free and independent society - more war in the future with returning David Cameron?

Illegitimate Government: News Blackout on London Protest - The almost total blackout on broadcast media of the police attack on the popular protest by thousands outside Downing Street – with 30 injured and 17 arrests – is in stark contrast to the wall to wall coverage of the staged fake “riot” in Glasgow in which 6 people were slightly rude to Jim Murphy with no arrests and no injuries.

Thanks to the UK’s appalling electoral system, we now have a seriously right wing government with absolute power from an absolute parliamentary majority, but which 63% of voters voted against, and which was supported by only 23% of those eligible to vote. Many of the 38% who did not vote at all, were not apathetic but actively disgusted by a corrupt political system which offers little meaningful choice in most of the UK.

Only 66% of eligible people voted in this election and the winner (David Cameron / Conservative) got 37% of the 66%. So the majority of the UK didnt want them in power. The system is broken! People dont want to vote any more because the system is corrupt and the people in power will lie and say anything to make you vote for them. Once they win, nothing changes and the elite agenda continues. Another puppet in power for the the puppet master to control.
he Conservatives have won the 2015 elections with a slim majority. Labour and the Liberal Democrats suffered unexpected crushing defeats, prompting their leaders, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, to resign. And despite winning a significant percentage of votes, UKIP only managed to win one seat, with its leader Nigel Farage also resigning after losing to a Tory MP.

But the Tory victory reveals precisely why British democracy is broken. The ultimate determinant of which party won the elections was the money behind their political campaigns — the winning and losing parties correlate directly with the quantity of funding received. Yet there is also compelling evidence of another factor — interference from Britain’s security services. The best democracy money can buy:
A future Little Britain: separated from Scotland, subservient to America, outside the European Union and beholden to the conflicting agendas of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) lobby and the SNP is a frightening prospect.

A government expenditure of £100 billion to replace the Trident nuclear deterrent would be about as protective to Britain as writing a powerful computer virus which if used would permanently damage our own entire communications infrastructure leaving all state security systems disabled. The Trident weapon of mass destruction has no legitimate purpose: its use would be impossible as huge numbers of civilians, including millions of British citizens, would be unavoidable victims.

The plain facts are that:
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