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Full Version: Texas Legislators Attempt to Give Federal Reserve Guards Arrest Powers
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(Truthstream Media) Truthstream received a message last week from Rep. Jonathan Stickland about his efforts to filibuster and delay this potentially dangerous transfer of power to none other than the Federal Reserve banking system.

Bill H.B. 2346 would grant commissioned officers of the Federal Reserve some of the powers given to sworn peace officers – including powers of arrest, search and seizure – in matters taking place on Federal Reserve property or, more broadly, in matters related to the Fed.

And that’s where the power could go unchecked. The extent of the influence and “business” of the Fed in the nation’s economy is far-reaching, if not all encompassing, indeed.

It has been stalled for now, but for how long is not certain. Giving arrest powers to a private force working on behalf of an unaccountable and shadowy private central bank is clearly a sloped and slippery path.

The text reads:

#TexasAttack What You Are Not Being Told!
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