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Full Version: National Security Advisor Suspects Canadian Politicians Are Under Foreign Control
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Canada's National Security Advisor, Richard Fadden, has confirmed that various Canadian government officials are suspected of working under foreign influence. A senior advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Fadden says that he suspects foreign governments are buying influence with Canada's officials for nefarious purposes, and that the people have no idea they are being used.

Fadden also affirms that we are spending too much time and attention on terrorism, rather than focusing on other pressing matters that require attention as well. "I would be less than candid if I didn't say terrorism is taking up far more of our time than it ever has, and I think in the absence of fairly obvious cases, it would be difficult to comment on whether it's materially worse or better, or the same," he said.

Several years ago, Fadden had also said that political figures were developing questionable attachments to foreign countries. "There are several municipal politicians in British Columbia and in at least two provinces there are ministers of the Crown who we think are under at least the general influence of a foreign government," he said in the interview.

He went on to say that "one, possibly a couple" foreign governments were grooming students to become political leaders in Canada and, "before you know it, the country is providing them with money, there's some sort of covert guidance." During one particular interview he even slightly insinuated that China was one main culprit.

Zionist Infiltrators Control Canada
Ching is a prominent Vancouver property developer with strong political connections to the Liberal Party of Canada, and often appears at local fundraising events. He also goes by another name, Mo Yeung Ching. Cheng, 45, is a Chinese fugitive who reportedly fled to Canada in 2000 with millions of dollars of ill-gotten money. He has been the subject of an Interpol Red Notice since about 2013.

The federal Liberal party isn’t so sure, and has launched an internal review to find out whether Ching is Cheng, and if any illicit gains have poured into party coffers. “The party is taking it seriously in Ottawa, and there are actions to review the concern, and that is what is happening now,” said a well-placed source in the Liberal Party of Canada. In each instance, Cheng’s grinning face, with its distinctive mole near the right eye, was among the accused. His alleged crime: political corruption.

Scandal Hits Canada's Senate, Adding to Harper Government's List of Corruption
(05-02-2015 07:22 PM)Thinker Wrote: [ -> ]Canada's National Security Advisor, Richard Fadden, has confirmed that various Canadian government officials are suspected of working under foreign influence.

Yes they have been since events triggered a specific international protocol. The government political parties run under a platform that reflects the parties general views on things. Actors then were selected. There are real people that end up in office and are meeting qualifications that someone in business would have to meet. Such as knowing how to run a business, proper accounting practices, etc and they all make comparable mainstream wages and per diems. The wages and expense accounts were getting out of hand so they took this action. Actors are used simply for protection of actual people voted in to office when people vote for that political party with some basics about the real person. The actors make all public appearances or camera appearances following speeches given to them by the real people elected. This protects them from assassination or abduction and from people interfering in fair political processes.

Since ancient times a actor has been used in China and other places to protect the real rulers of a country or managers of a region. It just usually isn't talked about in other countries. It is more important to do a good job than to be famous. So the other people make history books and the real ones behind them quietly have their lives and do their work.

This protocol was put into effect in the USA and Canada by the 1970s. Certain events were happening globally and proving quite a challenge. After one protocol was triggered we started dealing with Donald Trump and a few other things. He is reenacting events from other countries that happened some time ago. Elderly visitors here from Phillipines or a few other countries would recognize what is going on. But have probably been cautioned on discussing it.

The protocols also go into effect at a lower level for zone policing. This means they will put a described criminal in something they are suspected of doing. By putting their likeness in a fictional show. This may cause them to react in real life or help others out them that knew of the activities. This has been used for quite awhile and I'm sure gangs became aware of it because they started using similar methods in brainwashing people. Using special video animation software linked to video gaming and also CGI, etc computer photorealism based movies.

The software in cases of criminals and suspected affiliations can even guess at who might of had a child together and how that child would of looked. Also putting such suspected relatives also in shows to try to provoke a reaction. It also can age forwards or backwards and was used in trying to find missing people.

As far as I know the current political protocol triggered will last at least to 2020. Right now they are phasing in some new things. Such as inventions and gadgets produced by 1975 in a variety of countries. A large chunk of north america was under zone prohibitions/restrictions. It is also the reason why some "communist" countries handled things a certain way. Currently and for quite awhile now to my knowledge they are democratic and hold elections. The communism was used to force people refusing to go to school into getting an education as well as keep out people they didn't want to know about their technology use. There also was a dispute between asiatic areas and I got caught in that while on a flight that had a stop over in Korea. Where they administered me something that affected memory and forcibly removed a bunch of my tattoos. One of which commemorated several space program flights that included Apollo Missions, and joint missions.

A funny thing I noticed of the political protocol activated. I have a phone app that allows me to take out magazines and newspapers via the library I use. When looking at phone cleanup program I could see the graphics for some of the magazines and news articles. Some of them had dates in the 1970s but claim to be from news articles in 2017 or 2018. I also suspect I'm behind a net proxy.
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