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Full Version: Post #3 - Chris Christie Caught Stealing $1 Billion From Pensions
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Post #1 - Anger as Hurricane Sandy victims have to pay back emergency aid with interest.

When New Jersey got its name it came with corruption - facts not in text books in public schools. Debt collectors called in while Federal Emergency Management Agency examines allegations that engineering reports doctored to cut insurance bill. Thousands of families whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy are being ordered to repay some of the compensation they received from the government.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is not only demanding interest on what it says were overpayments, but Washington is ready to call in debt collectors to recoup the cash. That is not the only blow faced by families whose lives were devastated by the October 2012 hurricane which claimed 117 lives in the US and caused an estimated $50 billion (£32.5 billion) damage. FEMA has, under pressure from senators, started investigating allegations that engineers’ reports into the damage suffered by home owners were deliberately doctored to deny victims insurance payouts.

It is a fresh blow to an agency whose reputation was severely tarnished by its response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Another weather engineered storm to bring in the cash cows - raise the debt level - and move out the poor. Disasters are profiteering episodes for governments private contractors.
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Jesse Ventura on Chris Christie Scandals

NJ Politician Alleges Total Chris Christie Corruption –Louis Manzo, former New Jersey State Assemblyman and author of Ruthless Ambition, joins David to discuss his book, which attempts to detail Chris Christie’s corruption.
Chris Christie has a long history of dubious actions with pension funds and what taxes are used for, and now there is yet another possible sign of corruption. For quite awhile now the state of New Jersey has been locked with Exxon in an attempt to recover over $8 billion due to environmental damage of more than a thousand acres of waters and wetlands from the oil giant.

This legal battle came to an abrupt end when Governor Christie's legal counsel, Christopher Porrino finalized a deal to settle for $250 million. This move has left many lawmakers in the state outraged, calling the move evidence of corruption at the highest echelons of power.

From the start of the case it was claimed that Porrino inserted his way into the case, pushing aside other officials such as the attorney general and other state employees who had put together the case and litigation. The deal was obviously in favor of Exxon and nowhere near what was needed to repair the damage that the company has caused."
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