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Full Version: Thousands REVOLT In China Against Police Brutality Cops Who Beat Woman In Street, die
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With all of the police brutality throughout the United States – especially in the past year – many have wondered if (or when) there might be a breaking point. Yesterday police officers in Ferguson, Missouri were shot by a sniper on a hilltop near the Ferguson Police Department. While denounced by nearly everyone, some – like hip hop musician Method Man of the Wu Tang Clan, described this as a sort of “chickens coming home to roost” situation. In his words, however, he said the police had “reaped what they sowed.”

Land grab in China! Chinese Villagers Protest Unfair Treatment in Land Deal

2011 - Chinese farmers protest land seizures - Killing private farming!

2008 - Land Grabs in China's Guangdong Province
The future belongs to China. China is the next great nation. The 21st century will be dominated by China. I’m sure all of you have heard variations of the above prediction over the past decade or so. I know I have. Perhaps China will be the next great nation, but perhaps not. I’ll tell you one thing, unless the political environment changes a lot over there, a world defined by the Chinese perspective is not a world I want to live in. The relative lack of political and internet freedom in China is well known, as is the egregious treatment of the Tibetan people. Despite having controlled Tibet since 1949, and the subsequent intentional migration of ethnic Han Chinese into the region in order to dilute the culture, Chinese authorities remain paranoid and filled with fear.

Protests outside Chinese Embassy, several Tibetan protesters arrested
Governments and religions are the woe of man, consider using your gray matter free yourself from both, negative SpaceTime events coming in near future get much worse.

Expanding fractalized SpaceTime energy that drives this Universe simulation is unfolding around you right now at fixed expansion rate 300M/m/sec, it's slowly killing you dead, of course you already knew that, just not one of things we tend to think about daily.

Ravages of SpaceTime upon the human body.

Ravages of SpaceTime upon live organism (apple)

Expanding fractalized SpaceTime energy crop formation by Chilbolton ET formation nick named the galaxy by humans, over many eons SpaceTime expansion energy slowly corrals matter into fundamental root spiral shape of a Galaxy formation. SpaceTime is stuff that is killing your ass right now, living in SpaceTime 24/7 ain't for sissies.

[Image: Milk_Hill_UNY_spacetime_fractal_Aug_13_2001.jpg]

[Image: 236088main_milkyway516.jpg]

Excuse off topic excursions.
Villagers in Koh Kong, Cambodia, say that their lands have been bulldozed by employees of the Union Development Group, a Chinese company, which is building a massive casino on a 45,000-hectare-land concession inside Botum Sakor National Park. The concession was carved out in April 2008 on protected land near the Gulf of Thailand that was once home to bears, elephants, gibbons and tigers and awarded to UDG, real estate company from Tainjin in northern China, one of many special deals cut by the Cambodian government to attract foreign tourists and investors.

UDG says that it plan to build a $3.8 billion resort complex that will include a casino called "Angkor Wat on Sea" plus an international airport, a cruise ship port, apartment buildings, hotels and golf courses. Villagers who expected to lose their lands were promised $8,000 per hectare.
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