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Full Version: Silver still selling for $50 an ounce!
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Thanks for posting that. I was trying to tell people this the other day. I think we hit bottom.
I'm jumping in before the close today too. Local shops are $42-$44. Do you guys think it's better or matters to buy, say Eagles, instead of Private mint coins? Is there an advantage either way? Price dif is about $4/oz
Its all silver. Premiums could rise with spot price proportionally, but if the whole system collapses premiums won't exist. Also, a dealer won't pay a premium back to you, you will need to sell it privately if you want to take advantage of that.
I didn't check out your link before I asked that question or I wouldn't have. I'm going to try out Bullion Direct this time around. Never used them before. I'm in for 20 Oz at $37. And if we consolidate any more, I'm in again :)
great stuff!
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