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Full Version: 9/11 video released 5 may 2011 proof demolitions being used
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(05-06-2011 07:33 AM)SlashD Wrote: [ -> ]

You know, it's really just amazing that people can watch that and actually come to the conclusion that the outspurts of dust/material was strictly due to gravity and force alone..

And then they say "Osama admitted it already!"
Look at the right side of the building when it is collapsing. How can anyone believe that those sequence of window blow-outs on every floor was from the air pressure of the pancake effect? How can the air pressure blow out every floor window-set at about the same place on each floor (the close-up, around 49 seconds)? I mean, the pancake hadn't even reached the lower floors, but those same windows at the same place on each floor blows out? Squibs, on the other hand would explain it. I believe that the sequence of squibs was set to blow as each floor was being seen to be the next to go, maybe someone at a master control set in building 7? It would also explain why that building was 'pulled' - to cover the tracks of their control panel demolition team?
why doesnt that occur on the whole building, only at that place? if you say it was because of the structure it should have been happened multiple times.
Here is a Highrise tower on fire in China.

Compare the fire to the one in the world trade center.

I'll post a video of the same highrise after the fire following this:


Here is the same highrise tower after the fire.

Why didn't it collapse like the world trade centers and building 7?


So how come the steel in the Chinese tower did not melt?

There is also evidence that fire fighters were on the floors which were on fire in the WTC and reporting that the fires were almost completely out using their walkies.

If the fire was so hot that it melted the steel then how come it did not fry those firemen and melt the plastic on their walkie talkies?

The big question however, is why the president of the United States is not publicly asking the same questions?


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