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Full Version: Prince Andrew Accuser Reveals New Sex Slave Allegation - Web Bot
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Prince Andrew Accuser Reveals New Sex Slave Allegation
DING, DING, DING! Good catch.

Solid hit. next up, coming to the United States.
Do we really need the webbot to tell us that the royals are pedophilic-lying-murdering-moneygrubbing-nazi-scumbags?

I know I don't. I know the thousands of kids they've abused over the last hundreds of years don't.

...just like we don't need Ed Dames to tell us that there will be big solar flares; there have ALWAYS been big solar flares.

...just like we don't need anyone to predict war, flooding, civil unrest, or economic collapse. These things can be counted on, as sure as the sun rises. Anyone who has a magic system to predict such easily assured events is as accurate as a broken clock; all they have to do is wait until these events (which are all guaranteed to happen) happen.

I can see the future too:

My magic system tells me that there will be a terrorist attack on the the east coast of north america in the coming month. The temporal markers of 'big storm, solar flare' are aligned for it.

Please subscribe to my news letter.
Yes, you tell the future.

Ed Dames talked about it in 1996. The kill shot, N.Korea, the economy (back then, companies had to pay extra for workers) and the Tsunami in Japan. Japan documented well before it happened. Dames also said that it's not over for Japan. There is still more to come for them.
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