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Full Version: Did you eat the Cancer-Ridden Cattle for Human Consumption?
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An owner of a Northern California slaughterhouse at the center of a massive beef recall has pleaded guilty to knowingly processing cancer-ridden cattle for human consumption, despite USDA veterinarians warnings that the beef was unsafe. Jesse Amaral Jr., former co-owner of the now defunct Petaluma-based Rancho Feeding Corporation, admitted to distributing pathogen-ridden beef that had not passed inspection by the US Department of Food and Agriculture.

Kids can't have lemonade stands and you can't feed the homeless in many states, but one corporation can sell bad meat over and over again and stay in business.

Government Settles on Plea Deal With Rancho Yardman - By Dan Flynn | October 20, 2014

Eugene D. Corda, 65, the top yardman responsible for receiving cattle and moving them for inspection and slaughter at Rancho Feeding Corporation’s slaughterhouse in Petaluma, CA, has very likely become a government witness. Under terms of a sealed plea agreement with government attorneys, Corda has now pleaded guilty to just a single count contained the Aug. 14 indictment that charges key Rancho personnel with a conspiracy in processing cattle that should have been condemned for a cancerous eye condition or other diseases.

Rancho Documents Reveal an Interconnected Chain of Conflict - By Point Reyes Light | May 10, 2014. (This article written by Christopher Peak was published May 8, 2014, in the Point Reyes Light. Peak also took the photos.)

Newly disclosed documents about Rancho Feeding Corporation, the Petaluma slaughterhouse that closed down operations after a sweeping recall of 8.7 million pounds of beef, reveal a cozy relationship between the plant management and the highest-ranking Food Safety and Inspection Service employee assigned to the plant.

Now-Recalled Rancho Beef Found Its Way Into Jack in the Box and Other Fast-Food Hamburgers Restaurants Escape USDA's 'Retail List' By Dan Flynn | March 20, 2014

Jack in the Box and other fast-food restaurants were not included in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s list of retailers who might have received recalled beef from Rancho Feeding Corp. in Petaluma, CA. The retail list for the Rancho recall is one of the longest ever, with more than 5,800 stores. But it turns out that even restaurants that make direct purchases from establishments involved in the recall are excluded from the retail list.

Stores in 45 States, Guam, Puerto Rico Affected by Expanding Rancho Beef Recall = By News Desk | March 10, 2014

(This article was updated March 10 with information from USDA’s March 8 list of retailers.) The U.S. Department of Agriculture now believes that the approximately 8.7 million pounds of meat recalled by Petaluma, CA, processor Rancho Feeding Corporation and lacking a full federal inspection was shipped to distribution centers and retail establishments nationwide.

Nearly 1,000 Retailers Listed in 9-Million-Pound Beef Recall - By News Desk | February 17, 2014 The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s list of retailers which received about 8.7 million pounds of now-recalled meat from Rancho Feeding Corporation over the course of 2013 continues to expand.
There are lots of good reasons for avoiding meat these days—from the human health benefits to reducing the impact on the environment. And now, there are two more reasons: horsemeat and beaver meat in your ground meat products.

Two studies from Chapman University’s Food Science Program published in the forthcoming January 2016 journal Food Control, found that about 20 percent of labels on ground meat products including turkey, pork, chicken, and beef, did not accurately reflect the content. Often, the packages contained mixed animal species, some not often found on menus including beaver and horsemeat.

Out of 48 samples of both fresh and frozen ground meat products from conventional supermarkets, ten were mislabeled.

“Nine of those 10 packages contained a mix of meat species—partially what the label indicated and partially some other animal,” reports TakePart. “The tenth sample was meat from a completely different creature than what the label suggested.”

Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory

DISGRACEFUL!!! Human DNA found in Meat, Rodents and Fast Food

Children Sacrificed (McDonalds Baby Meat) Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

Children Sacrificed and their flesh ( Baby Meat) severed at McDonalds, etc. @ 39:00 .. & 46:00



Jewish objectives as outlined in Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

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11) Secretly infiltrate and control colleges, universities, labor unions, political parties, churches, patriotic organizations, and governments. These are direct quotes from their own writings (The Conflict of the Ages, by Clemens Gaebelein pp. 100-102).

12) The creation of a World Government.
No I buy my beef directly from a farmer who raises grass fed beef... uses no antibiotics...just fresh water and grass and a little bit of grain at the end to add a little marble for taste. ... I walk out and pick out the steer.... then I take it to a little small town butcher shop... clean and neat place where you can see exactly where everything is processed...
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