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Full Version: President needs a new plane? - More cuts needed from American people?
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New plane for more trips? How much will Americans pay for this one? (Bloomberg) — The Air Force will let Boeing Co. build the replacement for Air Force One without competition but allow bidding on specialized equipment for the new presidential aircraft, the service informed Congress. Air Force Secretary Deborah James on Wednesday signed a document that justifies keeping Boeing as the sole source contractor to provide three modified 747-8 passenger planes, according to an e-mail notifying congressional committees.

Is it really necessary to build another plane? What is wrong with what the president already has? How the President Uses 707 and 747 Airplanes Americans pay for and maintain.

Obama Should Cut Food Stamps, Not Defense (says Cheney) and he did!

During his 2009, weekly address, President Barack Obama said it is time that Washington start to cut spending, like many American families have been forced to do. He outlined $2 trillion in cuts that he wants to see enacted in the coming years. The cuts were all for the people and Defense spending went up!
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