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Full Version: Argentine Govt doesn't regret decision revealing travel details of Israeli journalist
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Two days after state-run news agency Télam released the private travel details of journalist Damian Pachter to widespread criticism, the government made clear yesterday it did not regret the decision. President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s Chief-of-Staff Aníbal Fernández defended the move, saying it was necessary and legal for “reasons of public concern.” The Kirchnerite official argued that Article 10 of the Personal Data Law “says that you may reveal personal data following a judicial order and (also) based on well-founded reasons of public concern, which includes this case.”

Why are there problems around the world in the cities with the most Jews? What will happen in Argentina? Will this be another propaganda movement by Jewish owned media? Only one organization openly boasts about not wanting to share their world. What will they do to own it? Argentina propaganda and death begins with the bombing of a mosque. Who really did it?

Will George Soros go there to fund and start another protest like he did in St. Louis?
The Secretary General of DAIA Delegation of Argentine-Israeli Associations, Jorge Knoblovits, voiced his criticism against yesterday’s speech by president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and reiterated DAIA’s call to abrogate the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Iran in 2013. Knoblovits told the Jewish News Agency (AJN) that Ms. Kirchner speech, in which she announced the dissolution of the Intelligence Secretariat (SI, ex SIDE), was “a reductionist analysis, inappropriate in this situation.” He accused the president of adding confusion by “not focusing where she should.”

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