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Full Version: Bank executive jumped to his death from the roof of Citibank Plaza
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A banker apparently jumped to his death from the roof of his office tower in Hong Kong's financial district after telling his girlfriend by email that he was unhappy with their relationship. Lui Yau-man, 31, was wearing a suit when he was found unconscious in a flower bed by a security guard at Citibank Plaza in Central at about 7.15am. Police said paramedics declared him dead at the scene. As people arrived to start work, officers put a green tent over the body and cordoned off the area. The body was removed at about 11.30am. Lui worked as assistant vice-president in the risk-management department of the Fuzhou-based Industrial Bank, a national commercial bank that has its offices in the ICBC Tower within the Citibank Plaza complex.

Girlfriend drove him to it? It happened at a Citibank building? Citibank staying in the news. Timeline of in the news for Citibank:

April 2011 - Citi Employees Allegedly Kill Customer Over Bill Complaints

October 2011 - INSANE - Arrested for taking your money of the bank - NYC Citibank

December 2012 - Citigroup Plans to Lay Off 11,000 Employees in Financial Crisis Scale Back

November 2013 - "DEAD BANKERS" - One A Month Now Turning Weekly

November 2014 - Five major banks — including UBS, the Royal Bank of Scotland, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, and Citibank — just got slammed with $3.4 billion in fines following a lengthy probe over accusations that traders had tried to manipulate currency markets.
Nothing will be done to stop the continued collapse of this nation. The information war and the spiritual war rage on, while the dark forces that are working against this nation to destroy freedom and merge America into a North American Union.
Is the financial world turning to suicide because they have PTSD from the lies they have had to tell? Will there be more in Canada?
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