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Full Version: Ukrainian President Says His Country Is Ready To Go To War With Russia
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November 18, 2014

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko today said he is ready for 'total war' against Russia as he claimed the crisis in eastern Europe is more serious than the threat from Islamic State. Kiev is convinced that Moscow is strengthening its troop presence on its borders and inside rebel-held areas, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied. As Putin returned from the G20 in Brisbane where he was under siege from Western leaders, Poroshenko claimed his army is now better prepared to fight to defend its territory than when the conflict began.

'I am not afraid of a war with Russian troops,' he said. 'We are prepared for a scenario of total war.

'We don't want war, we want peace and we are fighting for European values.'

He told Germany's Bild newspaper the unfolding drama on the edge of the EU was more critical than the Islamic State defiance. 'There are thousands of Russian soldiers, hundreds of tanks and heavy artillery in my country,' he insisted. 'This is one of the largest armies in the world, which threatens not only us, but also the whole of Europe.'

He added: 'More than anything we want peace, but we must at the moment face up to the worst-case scenario.'

The G20 had shown that...

Michio Kaku - Top Secret Military War Plans

Professor Michio Kaku discusses the secret military projects that the United States had planned during the 1950's, such as US President Eisenhower's OPLAN 852 to drop the atomic bomb on North Korea and President Nixon's Operation Duck Hook (code-named "Pruning Knife" by the military) in the Atomic Anex which had plans to use Thermonuclear weapons on the the China-Korean Border to end the Vietnam War.

In 2005 Michio Kaku was invited to a world peace conference in San Pedro with US congressman Dennis Kucinich, who would go on to run in the 2008 election, and brought up some very insightful and interesting points, some of which may have been a premonition to the global economic crisis and the global military agenda.

Just as Eisenhower assumed that "Atomic Bombs are Like Bullets" we are now being fed the illusion that "Wars are like Bullets" and that we should just tolerate warfare as the only solution to anything.

War on Poverty, War on Healthcare, War on Everything.

The global spending on weapons and military programs outweigh all programs that combat healthcare and poverty combined.

The world we live in is on the brink of failure from a gregarious, domination driven, series of world powers. These are not hidden Cabals or secret societies, these are not communities hiding in the shadows of society: these are the plain sight actions of entire nations.

The United States, North Korea, Russia, China, The United Kingdom and European Union are all engaging in gregarious social military operations that impoverish our culture and are keeping people on the brink of starvation and abject poverty.

Moreover, more people are being slaughtered themselves in ever more frequent acts of mass violence, which have been increasing in frequency every year; a clear probe into the self-destruction of social bonds in modern culture and a premonition to the potential destruction of our civilization into an eventual state of barbarism.

Waiting for truth and history to make a difference.

Waiting for the world to change...for the better!

No Justice...No Peace...

Friendship/Love/Trust/Respect/Unity for all living things...

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