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Full Version: HUGE MISS: CHICAGO PMI UNEXPECTEDLY PLUNGES TO 52.6 (63.0 Estimated)!!!
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The Chicago purchasing managers index unexpectedly plunged to 52.6 in July from 62.6 in May. Economists were expecting the index to climb to 63.0.

"The age-old story of easy credit" is in the middle of another chapter. Why? Because once again, lenders and borrowers believe that the future is bright enough for the easy money to be paid back.
The future certainly looks grim and market appear very "toppy" here. However, I've thought this many times before and the market came raging back and made me look like a fool. As I type this the market seems to be stuck/stalled at SPX 1918 level.

No one knows what happens next, especially in the short term. I'm sure TPTB still have a few tricks left up their sleeves.

Grab some popcorn, lay back in your recliner and enjoy the show.
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