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Full Version: And so it begins! Wisconsin Thread! Maybe webbot ment wisconsin! not washingtion??
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cant wait to see what they do when food prices triple!
it feels like unrest is sweeping the world like wildfire at the minute, there is so much happening its hard to keep track of one thing, before another pops up. im glad to see people standing together for what they believe in, but i hope they still stand together when food prices go up and people are hungry...
National Guard Troops Set To Smash Wisconsin Protest

Wisconsin protests spread across US

sweet video thread. i like the format its like a chronological playlist.
The demonizing from this is what the real story is. Depending on where you get your news from it's either the unionized govt. workers are overpaid crybabies or the republican governor and those in the republican party are elitist puppets. So it's the same ol same ol. Working class people don't need or want to lose anymore of their money, and the republican leaders still pushing the agenda of the elites. The problem is that middle ground can be found but the elites will always be behind the scenes pushing political representation to there benefit and then to save face the political leaders in their desperation will eventually cave in and the unions will get what they want with only the govt. holding the tab and oh well we'll just have to operate with a bigger deficit. This in case some don't know it is the way things have been done for years and since the entitlement culture of this country is growing and growing these things will continue to happen and get worse. The word sacrafice means nothing anymore least not in the way of people being willing to do it, usually nobody sacrafices till they have no choice and the only ones who will be able to have a choice will be the elite. The politicians of this country represent their own well being and not yours, see most working class people don't have the ears of our leaders till election time and even though it seems like we are in a perpetual election mode the words of the working class are still less than worrisome for the politicians because they will receive money along with the words from the elite.

Michael Moore "If You Live Within Driving Distance Of The Wisconsin Capitol GO THERE! THIS IS war!

cheese, no pun intended, well maybe.
I sincerely hope that a successful, lawful rebellion in Wisconsin would be effective enough to trigger not only the return of their rights, but also trigger the national CHANGE that never came from electing Obama. If it doesn't succeed, the national reaction could snowball into a civil war that might finally give the "silent" majority what they want. If it comes to that, citizens may soon try arresting the richest and confiscating their stolen spoils, never mind taxing them.


this vid is ***** aswome!


There's nothing you can do agains the NWO, They will win
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