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Full Version: Hercolubus (Planet X) inbound news. Current Hercolubus location calculated from the A
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In the Avebury Manor crop circle on July 15, 2008, Extraterrestrials gave us an astronomical diagram of solar system planets, but it did not belong to that date July 15, 2008 but to a future date.

All nine planets appear there precisely as they will be located in space four and one-half years later on December 23, 2012.

Following you have the Solar System diagram on December 23, 2012 0:00

In the crop circle there are not only the nine solar system planets, besides there is an unknown planet. It is Hercolubus.

According to this information on December 23, 2012 Hercolubus will be between Saturn and Uranus, this means approximately 15 AU from Earth.

1 AU (Astronomical unit) = Distance from the Earth to the Sun.

Yesterday we posted a photo of Hercolubus in the Kuiper Belt on February 1, 2008, that means approximately 40 AU from Earth in 2008.

So Hercolubus covers approximately 6.25 AU every year.

Then Hercolubus must be now (in 2011) about 21.25 AU from Earth, just after Uranus.

And according to that Hercolubus will pass next to the Earth in 2015.

Obviously the Hercolubus approaching is already affecting to our Sun, because the powerful magnetic grid of Hercolubus reaches the Sun, and then it reacts with great Solar Flares.

Curiously, regarding current huge Solar Flares (X class flares), Phil Chamberlin, deputy project scientist for NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory said two days ago:

"It just means that Solar Cycle 24 is ramping up!"

"This is the first of probably many more X class flare to occur over the next 2 to 4 years as we reach the peak and then descend back down from solar cycle 24 maximum."

So NASA is telling “discreetly” that from 2013 to 2015 (as too late) a global catastrophe is going to happen.

NASA cannot inform openly about Hercolubus inbound because they have censorship to avoid a collective psychosis, but that is a big mistake because the only chance to survive is to have the right information available.

Extraterrestrials are very conscious beings, so they are trying that we become aware of Hercolubus inbound in order that we have a chance to survive. And they make crop circles diagrams with important messages for us.

As Hercolubus gets closer, great Earth changes are going to occur: volcanoes will erupt everywhere, big earthquakes will happen in all places, dangerous Solar Flares will arrive to us, poles shift and oceans will change theirs seabed sinking current continents.

As Scientists and governments cannot do anything to avoid the Hercolubus inbound nor its consequences, they are trying to cover-up it, but that starts to be very difficult to do, because we are already seen its effects.

Unfortunately this is the truth.

There is no time to lose. You need to be ready for that or you will not survive.

It is time to awake, because the only way to survive is to increase your conscience level.

There is not any sure place, if you do not increase your conscience level you will die even if you are in the top of the highest mountain or hidden in the best shelter.

But anybody has in his hands the chance to survive.

To choose to increase your conscience level or not is your decision.
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