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Full Version: What is your strategy when it comes to silver?
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I have purchased silver and closely follow spot prices and any related news I can come across to try and stay on top of the market. I am by no means a professional investor and do not dedicate all of my time towards this effort as I have a day job. I am wondering when others will decide to sell their gold/silver. In the event that the dollar crashes, why would you sell your gold/silver for a fiat currency that crashed?

my thinking is that when the dollar does collapse, it would be ideal if I can begin to scoop up land or property with my silver. do others agree with me that converting your gold/silver into another asset would be the best move?

I thought a thread like this would be a good contribution to the board for those of us buying PMs.


do not sell until the new SDR is in place..only turn in a few rounds at a time ...silver will became a scarce resource and the populous will be watching so keep it safe and good luck, we're all in this together as brothers and sisters and the time is soon when we will once again regain full awareness to the truth...
you're approach is very sound in my opinion. I intend to continue buying unless there is a global monetary collapse. Its an inflation play if you always buy, but only cash out when you NEED to. even if nothing catastrophic happens, it is a way to maintain long-term wealth because there will always be inflation in a fiat currency system. if there is a currency collapse, your silver will be money plain and simple. spending it then makes sense, and you may not have another option for quite a while. also, the new currency may be implemented at a value of 100x value of the dollar. in which case, youf silver would be worth a lot less when the new Canmerico dollars come out. houses would be only 1000 Canmericos too... but i digress.
thanks for the feedback. hopefully others on the board have similar thoughts about their precious metals and are willing to share their strategies.
i am in it for the long run. if there is a currency collapse, i agree with 12guageangel, silver will be money or provide a means to barter.

it is also worth mentioning that i tend to check out sites like this one and other precious metals forums to get a feel for what other precious metals investors are doing. if for some reason many people begin to sell off their silver, for what ever reason, i'm sure that it will get some attention on this site along with many other sites. keep stacking.

when is the new SDR scheduled to make its debut?
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