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Full Version: Navy Yard Killer Now Believed To Be A Victim Of Microwave Targeting
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September 19, 2013

With the latest shooting now more technology used by the military is becoming known as killer believed he was being targeted.

Washington Naval Yard gunman Aaron Alexis called police to his Rhode Island, hotel just six weeks ago suffering hallucinations so severe that he heard voices speaking to him 'through the wall, flooring and ceiling' and thought three people were following him and keeping 'him awake by talking to him and sending vibrations to his body' through a microwave machine.

Together with reports claiming that Alexis had suffered symptoms of mental illness for almost a decade, a picture is forming which casts serious doubts on whether he should have been licensed to purchase firearms or indeed be granted 'secret' security access through his work as a Naval contractor.

Posted by ratinacage on 11/23/12

TARGETED INDIVIDUALS: Electronic Harassment: Voices in My Mind

Hundreds of people in the valley say they are hearing voices in their heads, and those voices are being transmitted by microwave or other methods.
Several viewers asked us to investigate what they call "electronic harassment.

So was the Navy yard shooting real, or just part of a plan for gun confiscation that seems be getting debunked everyday as a random shooting.

Lies can't seem to find anyplace to hide anymore as truth wants to be discovered.

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