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Full Version: Snowden Leak Of U.S. Black Budget Taking Funds That Should Be For Cities & States
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Mismanagement of American taxpayer dollars have left the American people in a country of increasing jobless, homeless, and hungry people.

The CIA has mushroomed into the largest U-S spy agency despite government austerity measures and the country's difficult economic situation.

Leaks by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden have revealed the U-S government's 52-point six billion dollar black budget.

The fund allocates the lion's share of almost 15 billion dollars to the Central Intelligence Agency.

The funding pays for an array of spy satellites and high-tech equipment as well as cryptologists and other experts. CIA resources also fund secret prisons, killer drones, and operations by paramilitaries and human intelligence agents.

Wars by way of coups and helped by what seems an endless cash flow to start chaos around the world, which have led to wars, ousted or murdered leaders, and countries left in total ruin.

CIA Delivering Weapons To Rebels In Syria - Nephilim World Order War Continues!

If the US had never volunteered its solders for wars that never had anything to do with the borders of its country, Americans would be the richest people on the planet!

Thanks to wars the opposite effect is happening.

No peace...

Friendship/Love/Respect for all living things...
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