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Full Version: US Uses Gulf Of Mexico For Testing Death Bombs At $24,000 A Piece
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September 18, 2013

Well since most of the Gulf of Mexico is becoming a dead zone and Obama hasn't been back, it is now being used to test more weapons of destruction for the US endless wars.

The only thing the US knows how to do well...weapons and wars!

While cities are going bankrupt, there still seems to be an endless supply of taxpayer money for anything related to death!

If it kills the US wants to buy it!

Can the U.S. government think about anything but war?

Clearly there is know thought to what marine life is left in the Gulf of Mexico, as this testing an others around the world show the oceans aren't off limits to weapons of mass destruction.

4 Ocean Ecosystems the U.S. Military Uses as Testing Sites

The U.S. Navy recently announced that it will be conducting more training and testing in the waters off the coast of Southern California as well as on the East Coast, the Gulf Coast and Hawaii. California regulators have accused the Navy of “sloppy science” for its low estimates of the extent of harm that will be caused to wildlife, including dolphins and whales exposed to sonars.

Recent research has found that such noise pollution has contributed to mass strandings of marine mammals (some of whom are scared from their feeding grounds by the sonars) and is also harmful to squids and other marine invertebrates.

Nothing that the military industrial complex does anymore has to do with protection, but now war has become an addiction and they don't know how to do anything else.

No peace...

Friendship/Love/Respect for all living things...
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