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Full Version: Video Shows Rebels Give Lethal Injections To Kill Children In Syria Not Chemicals
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September 18, 2013

This video went down once because it proves that the US supported the murder of children and where do you think the drugs came from to do it?

The more witnesses to this crime, the more exposure those in governments that lied and murdered to make war in Syria happen, will have to be held accountable!

This is treason!

From the Allegedly 21 August Chemical Attack there is strongers evidence the children who they showing in their videos was previously Kidnapped by Al Qaeda in Latakia Province and used a Sleepy Injections on them.

In the video Syrian women and men blamed the deaths on rebels who kidnapped these kids. The video went on to show the children on the floor, and the citizens who say this was intentional claim that if the world took real notice, there weren't any parents crying over their dead children.

They didn't know where they were!

Look at the faces of those who would murder children for greed supported by UK/US/France/Germany/Saudi Arabia/ and Israel. These countries continue to support and push wars in all countries but their own!

But to intentionally murder children for war!!!!

What did John Kerry and John McCain really know about the chemical weapons they claimed caused the deaths which everyone who has viewed the video now know it was yet another lie for war by the US?

Not only did this video show two individuals injecting something into the children, it was the same pictures plastered on the children all over mainstream news!

Go back and look at the pictures that the propaganda mainstream media dared to post! No trauma on any faces and children laying in a room in the same place they were sitting before the Jim Jones kool-aid made its rounds.

After they went to sleep the killing began, and the video that was removed by the Nephilim World Order is evidence of who is guilty and who isn't!

So much evil in the world and the vision of the killing of these children speaks loud and clear of the Nephilim race.

It was proven evidence that the Syrian army did not do the killings, and that they were by injection.

Assad and the Syrian army are not guilty and the 1860 people who saw this video are witness to a crime that was committed by those who want war in Syria.

Murder is what it was!

Didn't get that video down soon enough and the truth continues to flow on the false flag for a Syrian war.

No peace...

Friendship/Love/Respect for all living things...
September 18, 2013

Children filmed as victims of the Aug 21 chemical attack in a Damascus suburb had been deliberately moved to the location from a different region after being kidnapped weeks before, Mother Agnes told RT after presenting her own investigation to the UN.

The truth cannot be contained and the liars can no longer hide!

No peace...

Friendship/Love/Respect for all living things...
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