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Full Version: Former CIA Agent Says U.S. Agency Fabricated Evidence To Go To War Against Syria
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September 18, 2013

WASHINGTON / USA - The intelligence material gathered to prove the guilt of the Syrian government for the alleged use of chemical weapons was made ​​by members of the U.S. intelligence community to deceive President Barack Obama and convince him to take measure of punishment , according to Ray McGovern , a veteran of the CIA itself (Central Intelligence Agency), in an interview with the Russian news agency RT.

McGovern was one of the signatories of a letter of veteran intelligence employees delivered to Obama, the agent pointing out that Bashar al-Assad is not responsible for the alleged attack with chemical weapons , and that "the CIA director, John Brennan , is committing the same pre-Iraq fraud on members of Congress , the media and the public."

Damascus - Syria rebels possess ground-to-ground missiles and sarin, and a UN report on chemical weapons use shows they carried out attacks near Damascus, a high-ranking Syrian security source said on Tuesday.

With the latest information spot lighting CIA Directer John Brennen, and the death of Michael Hastings, the American journalist that caused the dismissal of a U.S. Commander in the Middle East, and was going to expose information on Brennen before his car mysteriously crashed and he died.

The article on Brennen was already written and was supposed to be published in Rolling Stone magazine, but those with something to hide have gone to extremes to keep the information from going public.

Could it be treason, fraud, traitors, terrorists, rebels, murderers, liars, thieves, who have committed to one party that has nothing to do with country?

Even death is not stopping the truth or stopping information about CIA Directer John Brennen, posted by JPMsecretagent on 8/13/2013


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