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Full Version: 2010 RT News Report That Ended Up Being A Prediction Of Government Events In 2013
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September 17, 2013

Does the average American know more about Lindsay Lohan or The Jersey Shore than the Iraq war?

The United States military accounts for nearly half the defense spending in the entire world; it funds two wars along with hundreds of bases tactically positioned worldwide.

On Dec 3, 2010, Author David Vine says the impacts of war and the US military bases abroad are so far removed from US citizens, many times being kept secret, that people don't understand their impact.

Amazing how this sounds like 2013.

STEALING A NATION (John Pilger, 2004) is an extraordinary film about the plight of people of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean - secretly and brutally expelled from their homeland by British governments in the late 1960s and early 1970s, to make way for an American military base. The base, on the main island of Diego Garcia, was a launch pad for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

No peace...

Friendship/Love/Respect for all living things...
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