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Full Version: NY Releases Doomsday Manual for Possible Apocalyptic Event
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It seems like something out of a Hollywood movie such as “I am Legend” or “2012.”

How should judges, lawyers, and public health officials respond to a chemical weapon attack? What happens if a mass terrorist attack forces a quarantine, large-scale evacuations, or the slaughter of private animals? Those are the questions that a new doomsday manual put out by the New York state court system and the state bar association hopes to answer.

The manual’s title, “New York State Public Health Legal Manual,” may be boring but the subject matter is not. The book doesn’t mandate new law but encourages officials to think through the application of current rules and regulations when it comes to apocalyptic situations.

The most startling legal realities are handled with lawyerly understatement. It notes that the government has broad power to declare a state of emergency. “Once having done so,” it continues, “local authorities may establish curfews, quarantine wide areas, close businesses, restrict public assemblies and, under certain circumstances, suspend local ordinances.”

But the guide also presents a sober rendition of what the realities might be in dire times. The suspension of laws, it says, is subject to constitutional rights. But then it adds, “This should not prove to be an obstacle, because federal and state constitutional restraints permit expeditious actions in emergency situations.”


Here is the actual pdf document:
JimmyProphet you are one knowledgeable person good job 38 Posts with lots good stuff. Thank you


kind of reminds me of the movie I am Legend with Will Smith, especially in the beginning it said New york year 2012 with the military in the big apple. The Zombies are those who are not prepared for whats to come.
if there was a massive emergancy and u was a copper, wouldnt u want to be with ur family to protect them?
Kudos to you Jim for this post !

In addition to this there seems to be a very significant message being portrayed from Hollywood with respect to ET endevours. Just look at the releases this year alone:

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TV Series :

The Event
Fallen skies
(02-16-2011 11:36 PM)HG Spacetime Wrote: [ -> ]JimmyProphet you are one knowledgeable person good job 38 Posts with lots good stuff. Thank you

Thanks for the kind words HG Spacetime but like everyone else here, i'm just posting what I find interesting and maybe useful to others. We're all in this together and need to remember and support that!! So let's keep the info coming!!! ;)
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