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Full Version: All Souls Trapped In The Matrix By Consent
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Just How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Really Go???? First the Revealing of the Cabal and now for the Revealing of those beings behind it…………

Title: The Galactic History Show - 18/19 July 2013.... at:

Resource: for more shows on this topic see: Walking Energy Shows on Galactic & Earth History at:

This show is the first of many shows where Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis assisted by host Chris Hales will bring more Galactic and Earth History back to this planet. Covering how souls were trapped by their own contractual consent for lack of knowledge/how to break those contracts….

…The main 15 beings and their minions behind the world Cabal, and those ET’s attempting to help and thereby able to help themselves being, ‘part of the same mess,’ as the humans for lack of knowledge, the Creator or by whatever name you call your God took an audit of everyone on this planet back in March of this year..
‘this would make a really good movie but that’s already been done and the meanings within it have gone un-noticed’…
Samples for removing your consent to enslavement of your soul
August 2013

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