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Full Version: Cardinal Hides $57m From Sex Abuse Victims & Paid Priests To Leave Clergy
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June 28, 2013 #1 Post

Vatican Chief Accountant Arrested Over Plot To Smuggle 20 Million Euros Into Italy Aboard Government Plane

Wake up call for the world...Vatican lies, government ties!

Corruption at its best for all to see.

One of the Vatican’s most senior money-men has been arrested in an alleged plot to smuggle 20 million Euros into Italy from Switzerland aboard a government plane.

Why is the world so poor...why are so many starving?

Giving to the biggest fraud in the world (Vatican) that continues to take and never give back.

Vatican just like world governments lies and broken laws for some but punishment for others who do the same!

Can you say hypocrites who use laws and God to do their dirty work.

Friendship/Love/Respect for all living things...
July 3, 2013

Using money donated for good hide the evil that really exists using the name of God to hide it.

Cardinal Dolan hid $57m from sex abuse victims and paid priests to leave the clergy reveals court documents just made public

Friendship/Love/Respect for all living things...
July 1, 2013

(Reuters) - Two top managers of the scandal-plagued Vatican bank resigned on Monday following the arrest of a high-ranking cleric with close ties to the financial institution, in the latest of a string of embarrassments for the Holy See.

Friendship/Love/Respect for all living things...
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