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Full Version: Sinkholes Discovered in the Dead Sea
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The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth.

It attracts tourists from all over the world, who enjoy its healing waters.

Industries also utilize its minerals. But in recent years, deep holes began forming along its west coast.

In Israeli terminology, they are named “Sinkholes,” and they can swallow up roads, vehicles and even humans.

We went out to examine this phenomenon, and met a geologist who fell into a sinkhole while he was examining it.

[Eli Raz, Geologist, Ein-Gedi]:
"I was informed that new sinkholes were spotted somewhere. I went to document it and discovered a small sinkhole… while documenting it, it grew larger and drew me in."

So what does it feel like to be swallowed by the earth?

[Eli Raz, Geologist, Ein-Gedi]:
"I fell into a massive landslide, which kept me on one side, but the other side was burying me. The first thing I recall was striving to get out. It was pitch dark and I couldn’t see anything. I felt as though there was a heavy rock on my head. It was a struggle which lasted for hours, trying to dig my way out; and at one point I managed to climb out of the fall, and from that moment onwards, the anxiety

Raz sat in the depth of the hole for 14 long hours. He was unable to move, and unable to climb upwards.


Also interesting, in Australia, they're not content just with Cyclones and fires etc, they need sinkholes too...
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