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Full Version: Russian Convoy Transporting 2 UFO's?
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Looks very suspicious and very interesting!!

What you guys think?
wow, why are they making it so obvious with police cars. and why didnt they cover those discs up? thats really weird.
very common to see police escort for wide-load transportation. Those things look like industrial/building parts. It might be an attempt to cause a stir by tptw. My money is foundations for something very tall and skinny like a wind generator, or they are parts for a huge mining machine being transported upside down. they look too earthly for me to call them ufos.

It very well could be but 2 police escorts? Hmmmmmm, who knows!? All interesting though!


Reminds me of this video from October (strong language if you care):


probably a crate with illegals lol
No way would they be so obvious. Military would be transporting them without the aid of police and flashing lights. Come on now. They have not kept the biggest secret for 50 years by luggin through town out in the open.
Besides UFO's are much bigger than that. No way any intelligent creature is going to travel across the universe in something so small. Unless they are ant size creatures.
The video is very interesting.

I concur with Blackstar76 , I don't think the machines are of ET technology....maybe manmade UFOs.
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