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Full Version: new madrid fault line
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i watched joes videos about the new madrid fault line, and how fema have requested food to feed millions of people etc. and when i hear big stories like this, i always research prophecies from the past to see if anything matches up. and i found lori toyes future map of america, which she was shown in a vision, and here it is.

she drew this map in 1988. there are other similar maps by various people. gordon michael scallion and others ( see link)

im sure its just a coincidence....:rolleyes:
there is actually an image of a supposed navy map kicking around that looks very similar.
a few earthquakes popping off in the last hour

wow. just wow.


You've most likely seen this, but wow to this as well ---

i hadnt seen that one, SOMETHING IS ***** UP! i dont have a kit..but now im thinking i need one.
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