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Full Version: Hackers Empty $900K From One Bank Account
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At approximately midday on Dec. 24, 2012, organized cyber crooks began moving money out of corporate accounts belonging to Ascent Builders, a construction firm based in Sacramento, Calif. In short order, the company's financial institution -- San Francisco-based Bank of the West -- came under a large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack …

They hacked the wrong Ascent which their website is below.

The story did open my eyes to another company called Ascent that more than likely the hackers thought they were attacking. This "Ascent" has quite the list of clients and could afford to lose what was stolen. Interesting company though. Amazing what you can stumble into from a story.

This story brings attention to a name to make people look further as I have. Ran into a company that raises a red flag as to what they are all about. How about the last client on the list. Why would they need this company? You will have fun trying to figure out what this company is really all about. One of the heads seems to have a family heritage that connects to the royal family of England.

Hmmmm..... Could this company (link below) have been the company they were targeting? The list of clients says there is plenty of $$$$$$$.
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