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Full Version: FBI - At it again
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Finding people on the edge, organizing the "terrorist" act, providing the bomb then claiming they "stopped" another terrorist. Pathetic as usual.

The FBI alleges that Llaneza tried to detonate a car bomb in front of a Bank of America branch in Oakland last week. The FBI had built the dummy bomb after he allegedly made contact with an undercover agent who pretended to have connections with the Taliban.

The FBI says the agent provided the SUV and all materials used to construct the inactive bomb after Llaneza expressed a desire to spark a civil war in the United States and then join the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Civil rights activists and others questioned the FBI tactics in setting up the sting with Llaneza, who appears to have mental health issues, according to court documents connected to a previous state court case.

He pleaded guilty in 2011 to illegally transporting an assault rifle. He was arrested after his father called 9-1-1 to report that his son was drunk and threatening to kill himself. His father told police then that he was “deeply concerned” about his son’s mental state. The father told police Llaneza had recently converted to Islam.
I saw this earlier & was dumbfounded. I posted a link to a video about this. Its funny to hear someone "explain" this entire mess. The FBI will probably jump on the Metal/Awards bandwagon right along with the drone operators!!!
(02-16-2013 05:31 PM)forestpath Wrote: [ -> ]Taking in house squabbling to new heights amongst alphabet agencies, today the CIA detonated a bomb at a walmart and proceeded to arrest and round up FBI agents. Public opinion favored this move and the CIA will apparently have 15 minutes of half decent fame~GO figure :)

Sure it's not the hybrid army of he-she's NASA has been incubating for the TSA softball team and Homeland Security Job justification unit? Maybe Ms "Griggs",(probably not it's real name) could spill the beans!?
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