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Full Version: CEO Slaps White Mother's Black 19 mo. Old Baby On Plane & Say's Shut The N****R UP
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Al Haase President, AGC Composites & Aerostructures Group
of an Idaho airplane parts company, it is clear to see by this mans actions that there are probably not any black workers in his organization.

Satan continues to shine through his earth slaves, and they continue to show the world that they are the pitiful servants by hand signs, subliminal messages, and out right racism.

Lucky the mother wasn't black or she probably would have been arrested for trying to kill him.

Hope the next steak this piece of ***** eats gets stuck in his throat!!!

The Company that Al Haase works for is going strong thanks to U.S. government contracts. Maybe old age is setting in and he may need to step down as it looks like there are some mental issues starting to happen that he cannot control.
Just more "divide and conquer" using race. It never ends.

He should have said "tar baby"... at least he could've explained that one away -lol
This story makes my blood boil!! Ppl who are mean to kids, old folks & animals are worthless cowards!! Just glad the other passengers got involved!
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