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Full Version: Calling Creator Event At Hamilton City Hall
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pure positivity. nothing less.

Keep it up. Music can help and bring people together or meditation. I love to see it. Grab some inner ear of whale bone fossil and hold-meditative listening to universal flow. Music has thepower to heal. Love won!

Love knows no limit
to it's endurance
No end to it's trust.
no fading of it's hope:
It can outlast anything.
It is, In fact,
the one thing that still stands
when all else
has fallen

Love Won!

Blessings In the universal flow. Thank You!

You may say sandbox. I say it belongs here. Love and Truth and Reality!

And Stand Strong In Your 2nd Amendment Rights. Never Give In-Find The Balanced Universal Flow . Surfers !

Large Waves are to be rode by men and women. Time to ride the largest waves humanity has ever seen!

This is the Universe-al Sea -Riding Giants
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