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2:21 - clickz

>SkyGirl: .. God-damnnz.*<3

Sky what is wrong with you? Why do you post disturbing videos? Very unnecessary. Instead of brightening someones day with a joyful video you probably made someones day awful. Shame on you.
The Alfalfa part at the end was pretty funny.
(04-25-2013 08:46 PM)Time Dweller Wrote: [ -> ]The Alfalfa part at the end was pretty funny.

Please do not feed the troll.
(THIS) Group of threads is to call out any MOTHER fudger on the Planet?? Really. No for real this site allows CALL OUT THREADS, where you can just post and call any person out into the street for a shoot out at sunrise, old west Texas stile?????

????Really, No for Real????

Ok pull my finger.
Don't jack with me, for real, Just call them out! Really?????

(06-24-2013 02:25 PM)Priapus Wrote: [ -> ]Really?????


Your better ideas are appreciated.
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