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Full Version: A ban on sandy hook hoax sites?????
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I came across this and figured those of you here that are really into this, personally I stay away from it all but I saw it posted on 2 other forums, figured you all had better see this. This also will be infringing on our rights.

Ban Sandy Hook Hoax websites, channels, and videos.

We urge you to make it an illegal act to use the internet to create, promote, or profit from any content that suggests that the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy was a hoax. This includes any content that suggests that the victims or their families were actors and/or that they are not actually deceased. This was a horrible tragedy. Numerous innocent lives were lost and countless more were forever changed. The survivors have to deal with unimaginable pain and suffering and they should not have to be subjected to such hurtful and harmful accusations, especially on their own memorial pages for their lost loved ones because these bullies are protected by their "Freedom of Speech". These people should be treated and tried as criminals. That is the least we can do to honor these victims.
Criminalizing Dissent. Now that is a petition the WH will act on.
(01-13-2013 11:10 PM)joerobo Wrote: [ -> ]Criminalizing Dissent. Now that is a petition the WH will act on.

what your kidding me...your kidding too FF,,,such a hypacrite,,,you just cant figure out what side your on...
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