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Full Version: CNN Anderson Cooper Exposes More Info On Sandy Hook Hoax ConspiracyTheories
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Can it get any better than this?

Did Anderson say I got punked by my own government? The Sandy Hook story continues to unravel daily as demand for evidence it ever happened grows.

CNN finally shows the American people how to find the resources to find the truth about Sandy Hook and forgot to mention the professor was not only an educator in Conspiracy Theories, but also a published author on the subject!

Did they intend for this to happen?

How will the American people feel when they realize that all that they believed in was just an illusion?

Sandy Hook will be known as the event that opened the eyes of the people, and it is time for those who live in the darkness to come into the light or live in "hell" forever...

uh oh JP where are ya bud,,,we need ya to play devils advocate on this one and use those magical debunking skills you have....LOL
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