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Full Version: Gun grabbers and assault weapons.
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I didn't know what they were talking about at first, but now i think i got it.

According to the 1986 definition, an assault weapon is a weapon who fires automatic fire. No weapons like that have been sold in the US legally since May 1986 when they were banned.

The assault weapons the the gov't talks about is the Semi automatics. (Not the assault weapons from prior 1986).
A semi-automatic AR-15 looks just like a military full automatic rifle, and the gov't plays on peoples ignorace. They want the uninfomed masses to recognize an AR-15 as a full auto machinegun even if it's just a semi automatic.

I'm not 100% sure, but i believe they want to ban all guns but the singe-action types.

And that's only the beginning of course.

Correct me if i'm missing something.
So this is it? Man. My guns are gone a long time ago, About 30 years before England. Do you guys really have the balls to stand up agains the federal government with arms? I hope so, because i'm putting all my money on USA.
I have no intention at all of going up against an army tank with my shotgun. I would never win. Shoot I wouldn't even win with my bow and arrows.
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