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Full Version: Puratap removes fluoride from tap water?
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Puratap says fluoride is toxic poison

Quote:Mishandling of chemicals at the treatment site: The chlorine, ammonia and fluoride added to municipal water during treatment are toxic poisons, and they can pose a serious health risk if a human or computer error should under or overdose the water supply. Many thousands of tonnes of chemicals are used annually to treat the Australian water supply, including hydrogen peroxide and sulphuric acid.

In Adelaide, South Australia almost everyone has a Puratap because our water taste really nasty! can anyone confirm that Puratap do indeed removes fluoride? If so then I have been drinking this good water for ages :P
I had a britta fro a wile but, in my research I found that did not remove the fluoride. I switched to zerowater I also heard that berkey also removes fluoride. I haven't heard of Puratap but I will look into it and if it dose Ill add it to my list of filters that remove fluoride. dose any one know of any others?


If you want pure water you need an RO filter or a Distiller. Both have been proven for years to be the only cheap and effective methods for producing purified water.
Guess it didn't take long for spammers to find the forum !


Where do you see spam?


Ok, I thought you were referring to my post below Norm, as I was just providing an option. Sorry for the confusion.
Oh no, your suggestion was good, is legit, they actually sell really good RO filters,
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