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This is the new war . You dont need to attack a country with bombs when destroying there economy will have the same effect . Interesting how people are running to hard currency AFTER a 40 % drop , a little late ! . I guess when the Dollar drops in a few months and the bond bubble bursts the rush will be global , but it might be a bit late . Gold will spike too 2 k and silver to 50 $ , then people will rush in pushing silver to 75 and put a floor under it there . The weakening currency will make it so more currency is needed to be printed and will push the PM higher untill all currency becomes BB- money

Another quick thought . Its funny how they rush into the USD even tho thats who is causing the hardship . Quick it's there ponzi , get into there debt dollars ! Its going to be like chickens running around with there heads cut off as people rushing into the dollar as its crashing in value . Quick we neeed more of those !
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